23 Real People Shared the Psychological Tricks That Have Saved Them a Bunch of Times

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According to research done by American scientist, Benjamin Libet, in the field of human consciousness, our free will is possibly an illusion. His experiments showed that we make decisions before we really process them in our consciousness. Reddit users found other psychological phenomena that are absolutely mind-blowing.

Our team have read all the users’ comments and want to share the best ones with you.

  • If you’re talking to someone intently and you hand them something, more often than not, they’ll take it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a pen, or an orange. No idea what the phenomenon is called or if it’s even psychological, but it’s made for some great pranks. © lasteclipse
  • I do the opposite of this. My boyfriend may refuse to share his cookie with me, but if he gets into a heated conversation with someone else, I can take that cookie right out of his hand, eat it right in front of him, and when his conversation is over he has no idea where his cookie went. Works with everyone if they’re seriously distracted by a conversation. © sincerelystan
  • If someone has a panic attack, start breathing regularly and loudly. Even if it’s really obvious, the other person is panicking and probably won’t notice. But they will start breathing in tempo with you. It’s something nurses do with their patients when they can’t get themselves together. © hell00zz
  • If you need to remember something, think about it when you are doing something unusual. It will work as a memory crutch and kick-in like a trigger next time. For example, if I need to take out the trash before I go to sleep, I will put my pillow on the floor next to the bed. © Being_grateful
  • While talking to someone, stare at their forehead, just between and slightly above their eye-line. It throws them off their game and they have a harder time lying to you or trying to influence you. There is a term for this tactic, but I am too lazy to look it up. © King_Kongs_Left_Nut
  • The irrationality of humans when it comes to some basic decision making. For example: imagine you wanted to buy a nice pair of jeans, so you go to the store and find a pair you really like. The price is $60. Before you buy them, you check your phone and find out that a store 15 minutes away has the same exact pair for $20. Would you make the drive and go get the cheaper pair? Most people say yes, they would. Now, imagine that you’ve saved up a bunch of cash and are gonna go to a store to buy a nice refrigerator. You find the one you like for $2,440. Before you buy it, you find the same exact one 15 minutes away for $2,400. Assuming you couldn’t price match, would you make the drive out for the cheaper one? Most people surveyed say no, they would not, despite it being the same amount of cost savings. Most people, when asked why they would drive out for one and not for the other, cite the relative difference in price, but this is irrational behavior. Rational behavior would dictate that it shouldn’t make a difference. Regardless of the relative savings, $40 extra in your pocket is $40 extra in your pocket and that’s all that should matter to a rational being. © fgoldsendbitcoin
  • Guilt can be literally washed away. Washing your hands or showering can make people feel less guilty. This study even showed that watching someone else wash their hands reduces the observer’s guilt. © webhead19
  • Murphy’s law states that the best way to get an answer on the internet isn’t to ask it, you should instead post the wrong answer and let people correct you. © explodingpineapple64
  • Our psych class repeated an experiment where half the class held a pencil in between their teeth, and the other half balanced on their top lips. We then rated how funny we thought a comic strip was. Turns out using facial muscles associated with smiling (pencil between teeth) made the comic strip subjectively funnier than those associated with frowning (pencil balanced on top lips). Choosing to smile or frown can change how you feel and perceive life. © Tinfed47
  • If someone annoying is at your office/desk at work and won’t get the hint to leave you alone, print something and ask them to follow you while you grab it off the printer, then walk them back to their office/desk instead of going back to yours. They’ll usually sit down without realizing what’s going on, thinking that they chose to go back. © CouleursCPA
  • When conversing with someone, after they finish up their story, ask them at least one question about it before you jump into your own story. It shows that you’re listening and interested in them, making them feel important. I hate it when people are just waiting for their turn to talk. © newspapey
  • I work at a day camp and my bunk has 3-4-year-olds. Sometimes they’ll get hurt on their finger or something like that and it doesn’t even bleed but they’ll cry like the world just ended. I ask them, “Do you want a Band-Aid?” And take them to the nurse. Even if there’s no cut I’ll give them a Band-Aid and ask them if they feel better and they will smile and say it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve done this so many times and it works every time. © desireeevergreen

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