6 Ways Your Legs Can Show You if Something’s Wrong With Your Inner Organs

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4. Unexplained bruises on legs

We’ve all bumped into something and gotten a bruise, but there are conditions where blue spots appear randomly without any explanation and stay for a long time on your skin.

What it may mean:

1. Liver disease

2. Some autoimmune diseases, when your own your immune system mistakenly attacks your body

3. Inflammation of blood vessels

4. Bleeding disorders

5. Red rashes on legs

Skin rashes are a common patient complaint. These spots can be bright red, dark red, or even purple. In some cases, they can be itchy, so it may be just an allergic reaction. In other cases, it may be a symptom of a serious disease.

What it may mean:

  1. Inflammation of the blood vessels
  2. Some autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis

6. Appearance of spider veins in the leg

Spider veins can appear during pregnancy or because of obesity and not enough exercise. It is very often a symptom of varicose veins and sometimes you may feel some pain in this area.

What it may mean:

Varicose veins are not very rare nowadays and affect about 30% of all people. It is a condition where superficial veins become enlarged and twisted.

How often do you visit doctors to monitor your health? Have you ever had any problems with your legs or feet? Please, share your comments with us below!

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