Don’t Dress Yourself Old: These 17 Fashion Items Make You Look Older

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When we were younger, being mistaken for someone a few years older than we were was considered a compliment. Now? That is the most insulting thing anyone has ever heard! Who knew that wearing the wrong clothes might make you appear years older than you actually are? Choosing the perfect costume might help you appear younger while choosing the wrong one can have the opposite effect. The art of dressing well can be tricky; something that was fashionable even a year ago maybe a complete no-no today. The rules of fashion are continuously changing, and we’re here to help you stay on top of the latest trends—these are the fashion blunders you should avoid at all costs.

Poofy Hairdo

During the 1970s and 1980s, huge hair was the fashion statement. Only teasing or back-combing your hair could be used to style your locks at the time. We now understand how destructive this style is to your hair, as well as how out of date it appears to be. Our beautiful, silky hair is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier!

Matching Outfits

Color coordinating is out of style, and mixing patterns and prints is very popular right now. Wearing identical attire all the time is not only dull, but it can also make you look older. Instead of seeming overly put-together, mix leopard with plaid and stripes with circles to avoid looking too polished.


Please continue if you’re wearing high-water pants to show off your great socks. Otherwise, please stop. If this isn’t the case, we’re here to tell you that this particular kind of pants is not a good choice. When purchasing jeans, it is critical to sit down and ensure that your ankles are protected; no one likes having cold ankles!


In the past, thin eyebrows were the preferred method to wear your brows, and they are still trendy now. Thick, natural brows are currently in style. Allow your caterpillars to grow and forget about those stray hairs; the bushier the caterpillars, the better.

No Skincare Routine

Starting to use night and eye cream in your twenties is an excellent idea if you’re in your twenties. Although you may not be old at this point, using an anti-aging cream (such as Olay’s product) will help to slow down the aging of your skin. Maintain your youthful appearance by including this in your morning and evening routines.

Long Sleeves Only

Even if arm flab is a thing as you get older, no one is really paying attention to your arms anyhow. They will, though, if you are wearing a cover-up during the hot summer months. Take control of your arm flab and get out the short-sleeved clothing!

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