Don’t Dress Yourself Old: These 17 Fashion Items Make You Look Older

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Lipstick And Dress

If you’re wearing a black sweater, you can accessorize with pink lipstick to bring out the color in the sweater. However, you should refrain from purchasing a pomegranate-colored lipstick to match your pomegranate-colored top. No true match will ever be found, and the disparity between the two will appear jarring.

“Old Lady” Handbags

Large purses frequently referred to as “old lady” handbags, are out of style. Small, beautiful bags have replaced the bulky, leather totes that were once popular. After all, how much stuff do you really need to carry around in your handbag?

Underwear Lines

The appropriate clothes only look beautiful with the right undergarments. Your bra showing through your shirt or your underpants being too tight will ruin your whole look. Buy seamless everything to avoid embarrassing situations like Faye Dunaway’s after a night on the red carpet (below).

Jersey Fabric

Unfortunately, despite the fact that jersey material is soft and comfy, the fabric draws attention to the wrong places on the body. If you’re trying to conceal a section of your body, silk, wool, and cotton are better choices than a jersey, which adheres to the skin. Purchase looser pieces or jersey sheets if you absolutely adore the fabric and can’t live without it.

Tan Stockings/Pantyhose

Tights in the colors black and nude are okay, but tan tights are out of the question. In recent years, the “four shades darker than your skin tone” style has been less popular. Invest in stockings that match your skin tone, or don’t wear them at all!

Using Too Much Powder

Powder makeup is the most effective technique to dry up your skin and make your makeup cling to every pore on your face. Using powder makeup will bring all of your defects to the surface, even if you just have a couple. If you want to prevent this fashion faux pas, liquid cosmetics and creams are a better option.

Keeping Your Figure Hidden

As we grow older, we tend to dress in looser clothing. Instead of wearing clothes that are too baggy, wear garments that are form-fitting and enhance your curves. Those waste bags that you use for clothing only serve to make you appear older.

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