The Cheapest Car Insurance for November 2021

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Our team compared 2021 rates across the country from Allstate, Geico and more to find the cheapest car insurance.

If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance, you’ve come to the right place. NerdWallet analyzed rates from auto insurers across the country to find cheap car insurance for a variety of drivers.

The cheapest car insurance will likely be the minimum coverage required in your state, so we focused our rate analysis on those minimums. In many states, this is liability insurance only, which covers property damage and medical bills for others due to accidents you cause.

Another alternative is full coverage, but it can cost over $1,000 more a year on average than an annual minimum policy. That’s because it comes with additional coverage like uninsured/underinsured motorist protection and comprehensive and collision insurance.

Pro tip: If you have a car loan or lease, your lender will likely require you to buy comprehensive and collision coverage. These coverage types payout if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident you cause, among other scenarios.

If you need more than a bare-bones policy, see our analysis of the best cheap full coverage insurance. If you’re simply looking for the cheapest possible auto insurance, we’ve listed providers of affordable minimum coverage below.

The cheapest car insurance

Geico is the cheapest major car insurance company in the nation, according to NerdWallet’s most recent analysis of minimum coverage rates. Geico’s average annual rate was $380, or about $32 per month. It also earned a 5-star rating from NerdWallet.

Here are the cheapest annual auto insurance rates for six of the largest auto insurers in the United States. We also included average rates for some smaller companies. These rates are for only state-mandated minimum coverage. Our “good driver” profile is a 40-year-old with no moving violations and credit in the “good” tier.

These rates are just benchmarks — the cheapest auto insurance for you may be different.

Cheapest car insurance from the largest companies

Cheap car insurance from smaller companies

Finding affordable car insurance doesn’t mean you have to stick with large insurance companies. Secura, a smaller insurer that offers coverage in seven states, has even cheaper car insurance rates than Geico.

While availability can be limited, regional and small insurers may beat the cheapest auto insurance prices from larger carriers. Plus, they often have great customer service.

We chose these companies because of their low rates and availability in multiple states. But there may be more affordable car insurance options where you live. For example, many Farm Bureau insurance companies are available only in a single state and were often among the cheapest in our analysis.

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