The Cheapest Car Insurance for November 2021

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Cheapest car insurance by state

What counts as cheap auto insurance will be different depending on where you live, as rates vary widely from state to state.

To give you a better idea for price comparisons, we found the cheapest car insurance company on average in each state and Washington, D.C.

But state averages can tell you only so much. Even within a state, minimum-required car insurance rates can differ.

Cheap car insurance after an accident or DUI

Depending on your driving record, the most affordable car insurance company varies. The tables below show average auto insurance rates from the largest companies for drivers after an accident or DUI.

We found that Geico has the lowest average rate for good drivers and drivers with one at-fault accident. Progressive is cheapest, on average, for drivers with a DUI.

Cheapest car insurance after an accident

Cheapest car insurance after a DUI

Looking for even cheaper auto insurance? Try a smaller insurer. Drivers with one at-fault accident or a recent DUI can find the most affordable auto insurance rates with MMG and other smaller insurers.

Rates vary depending on many personal factors. Be sure to compare car insurance quotes from at least three insurers to find the cheapest auto insurance for you.

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